è una tecnologia Ethernet real-time originariamente sviluppata da Beckhoff. EtherCAT stabilisce nuovi standard per le prestazioni di determinismo e la flessibilità della topologia.
Perché utilizzare EtherCAT?

EtherCAT Technology Group

ETG è un'organizzazione globale nella quale OEM, utilizzatori finali e fornitori di tecnologia uniscono le proprie forze per supportare e promuovere ulteriori sviluppi della tecnologia.
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Novità ETG

Venite a trovarci: stand ETG @ SPS Italia 2022

05/2022 | SPS Italia è la più importante fiera per l’automazione industrial e la trasformazione digitale in Italia, dal 24 al 26 Maggio 2022, e coinvolge tutti gli attori del settore: OEM, utilizzatori finali, distributori, integratori, stampa specialistica e università. Per saperne di più

Whitepaper: How Space Robotics Benefits from the World Standard for Motion Communications

04/2022 | For the 37th Space Symposium the ETG has published a whitepaper describing, how EtherCAT meets the specific requirements of space robotics as well as how the space industry benefits from agreeing on this technology for robotics. Per saperne di più

ETG @ TI JAPAN Industrial Tech Day

02/2022 | ETG Office Japan is participating in the opening session of the TI JAPAN Industrial Tech Day. Per saperne di più

EtherCAT Seminar in Iceland 2022

02/2022 | Be part of the inaugural EtherCAT Seminar Iceland! We cordially invite you to participate in this on-site event, taking place on March 16, 2022 at the Rejkjavík University (RU). Per saperne di più

ETG at IIFES 2022

01/2022 | ETG will be present at IIFES2022 in Tokyo, Japan. At the ETG booth you will find a wide range of EtherCAT compatible products available and supported in Japan. Per saperne di più

EtherCAT Semiconductor Working Group celebrates 10 years of success in chip manufacturing

12/2021 | Recently, the 20th meeting of the Semiconductor Technical Working Group of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG), the so-called TWG Semi, took place. Per saperne di più

EtherCAT seminars: Crisis is time for innovation!

12/2021 | We cordially invite all interested parties to our one-hour online EtherCAT seminars on 7th and 8th December 2021. Per saperne di più

SPS trade fair 2021 without ETG joint booth due to current pandemic situation

11/2021 | The EtherCAT Technology Group will not participate in the SPS show 2021 in Nuremberg due to current pandemic situation: the protection of the booth crew and our visitors comes first. Per saperne di più

ETG Member Meeting Japan 2021 (online)

11/2021 | Once a year to ETG members in Japan about ETG and EtherCAT: We will deliver the latest information at our ETG Member Meeting Japan (online). Per saperne di più

Successful EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week in Japan

10/2021 | With the recently concluded EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week in Japan, the ETG concludes this year's series of developer events in online format. As in the other countries, the first event of this kind in Japan was very well received by the participants. Per saperne di più

Ultimi Prodotti

EPOS4 Disk 60/8 EtherCAT by maxon

05/2022 | Round and powerful. maxon is providing an outstanding positioning controller with a wide range of operating modes including EtherCAT.

UAM-05LEC-T301 by Hokuyo Automatic

05/2022 | Good news for customers using EtherCAT as their main Fieldbus. Hokuyo has released the last missing piece to the EtherCAT echo-system. UAM-05LEC-T301 is a Safety LiDAR scanner with FSoE support. It has a long safety detection range in a very compact form factor. Just plug it!


05/2022 | IND360 is a Compact Automation Indicator from METTLER TOLEDO that connects both traditional and smart weighing devices to the world’s most widely-used PLCs and DCSs to improve machine throughput while maintaining highest quality.

AWC 500 by DEIF

05/2022 | The AWC 500 is the 5th generation control system for use as a robust and reliable embedded controller or PLC for energy generation units or distributed power plants operating in demanding climate conditions, such as wind turbines.

AMC 600 by DEIF

05/2022 | The AMC 600 from DEIF A/S is the 6th generation control system for land and wind power control applications, with even higher electrical protection levels for mobile or stationary installations.

AMC 300 by DEIF A/S

05/2022 | The robust and flexible AMC 300 controller allows you to build resilient solutions for marine and offshore applications.

TSP700 from Triamec Motion

05/2022 | The TSP700 is a single axis ultra-precision servo drive for 3-phase 208-480VAC input and up to 800VDC three-level PWM output, available with 10, 15 or 30Arms and 20, 30 or 60 Apeak.

TSD130 from Triamec Motion

05/2022 | Ultra-precise, ultra-transparent, ultra-programmable 100kHz servo drives from 1-36kW for direct drives in the semiconductor and machine tool industry, Swiss made. <0.1nm standstill jitter.

TSD80 from Triamec Motion

05/2022 | Ultra-precise, ultra-transparent, ultra-programmable 100kHz servo drives from 1-36kW for direct drives in the semiconductor and machine tool industry, Swiss made. <0.1nm standstill jitter.


05/2022 | The new profichip® TRITON from Yaskawa combines industrial Ethernet communication capable of gigabit speeds, a fast and reliable backplane bus system and a powerful multi-core processor. This innovative product is available on the market now.

Interface Unit for Linear Gage 21HZA264 by Mitutoyo

04/2022 | Contact type displacement sensor Interface unit for linear gage. The interface unit is used in connection with the EJ counter.

Cat5e SMT Modular Jacks by Amphenol Canada

03/2022 | Amphenol introduces the RJE3A Series Cat5e receptacles to support EtherCAT connectivity between Industrial control systems and peripheral devices like Operator interfaces, servo drives,robots,gateways, sensors, etc

STÖBER SI6/SC6 Drive Controller Family (single axis / double axis)

03/2022 | Distributed clock with cycle time from 250 µs on up; One Cable Solution; Automatic motor parameterization via the electronic motor nameplate; Energy supply via a flexible Quick DC-Link connection for multi-axis applications; etc.

9251 Fieldbus Controller by burster präzisionsmesstechnik

01/2022 | The new 9250/9251 amplifier generation unites all the features that make modern measurement data acquisition actually possible for the first time.

DIGIFORCE® 9307 by burster

01/2022 | The DIGIFORCE® 9307 monitors processes in which precisely defined functional relationships between two or more measured quantities need to be demonstrated.


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