UAM-05LEC-T301 is a Safety LiDAR scanner with FSoE support. It is the last addition to Hokuyo's safety lineup.
With the EtherCAT support, UAM-05LE-T301 offers more benefits to its users.

Followings are some of the benefits:

  • Simplified cabling connection to control and system
  • Extended number of detection field (max.176 detection field set)
  • Maximum 5 simultaneous protection and warning zones monitoring
  • Flexible configuration via USB, FoE (File over EtherCAT) and EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT)
  • Measurement data obtained via EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT)
  • Hybrid connectivity for AGV application
  • Smallest safety scanner with EtherCAT support, 80mm x 100mm x 95mm (W x D x H)
  • Performance and functions inherited from the successful former model

The scanner can be configured either via USB, FoE or EoE. Configuration via FoE is done offline. It is efficient for bulk configuration during mass-production and prevents users from configuration failures thanks to its provisioning system. EoE support is another valuable feature of UAM-05LEC-T301. Since natural navigation using raw measurement data via Ethernet is becoming a trend for AGV application, EoE support gives its users more flexibility on their system architecture.

UAM-05LEC-T301 is a hybrid scanner. While supporting EtherCAT, UAM-05LE-T301 retains its encoder and reset inputs to accommodate with AGV application. This allows users to develop their AGV with their own choice of encoders. Since encoders are directly connected to the scanner, it also saves the extra modules cost.

UAM-05LEC-T301 is an innovative and user-friendly product designed with the future of the industry in mind.







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