9251 Fieldbus Controller

The new 9250/9251 amplifier generation unites all the features that make modern measurement data acquisition actually possible for the first time. Network-compatible, high-precision, user-friendly, smart and versatile: the combined system of amplifier module and Fieldbus controller can be integrated into any existing setup.

The model 9250 instrumentation amplifier together with the model 9251 Fieldbus controller delivers all signals exactly where they are needed, to be combined, checked and linked. With the available Fieldbus interfaces, you are flexible, perfectly connected and you save time, costs and other resources when linking to and integrating into existing systems.

Up to 8 bus-compatible model 9250 instrumentation amplifiers can be cascaded on the model 9251 Fieldbus controller. Automatic detection and addressing of the instrumentation amplifier modules allows easy expansion. The optional analog input for voltage measurement with a measurement range of ±10 V is implemented as an additional measurement channel, so in the fullest configuration a total of 9 measurement channels are available.

Some applications require large amounts of measurement data to be acquired and transmitted within a very short time. Very fast PLC communication with high update rates is needed. To optimize data throughput, the model 9251 Fieldbus controller can transmit a whole data array with the last 32 measured values per channel. The scaled measured values are read simultaneously in the real-time data of the Fieldbus link.


  • Supports industrial Ethernet standards such as EtherCAT
  • Up to 8 instrumentation amplifiers can be modularly connected via internal communication bus
  • Automatic measurement channel detection
  • Optional analog input with I/0 interface
  • Up to 9 measuring channels can be read out synchronously via a fieldbus controller
  • Flexible configuration using DigiVision PC software via USB interface
  • High measurement accuracy
  • High measurement speed
  • Saves space in the control cabinet


9251 Fieldbus Controller


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