The profichip® TRITON from Yaskawa combines industrial Ethernet communication capable of gigabit speeds, a fast and reliable backplane bus system and a powerful multi-core processor. This innovative product is available on the market now.

The profichip® TRITON possesses three cores and acts as a powerful processor for industrial automation controllers, motion controllers and robotic controllers. With embedded Linux as the operating system, the chip is ideal for developing new types of controllers. The all-in-one solution provides new functions for fast calculations, real-time industrial communication, reliable and synchronous backplane communication and secure encryption. The current processor was specially developed to suit industrial environments: The chip can therefore withstand higher temperatures without a decline in performance and is protected against external influences by means of ECC memory in order to minimize the failure rate of the processor. The aim was to achieve the most advanced interfaces, fast computing cores, minimal power loss, an integrated backplane bus master and a communication interface for industrial Ethernet protocols. The power-saving profichip® TRITON is particularly renowned for its low power loss and high single-core performance for motion-controlled applications.

  • ARM® Cortex®-A17 MPCore with up to 3 cores, 1.26 GHz
  • 2 port Real-Time Ethernet switch with integrated PHYs
  • 2 micro-coded Protocol Processing Unit (PPU) per Ethernet Port
  • 2 additional Protocol Processing Units (PPU)
  • PPU concept: high performance and flexibility, prepared for other protocols
  • DDR4 interface
  • 3 PCI Express® Controller
  • Backplane communication: SliceBus master for profichip’s NOTOS ASIC, 192Mbit
  • Also non ethernet based fieldbus protocols are supported
  • SecureCore
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Device and Host Controller
  • 3 MMC/SD card controller
  • 2 Gigabit MACs
  • 23x23mm² package





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