The TSD130 is a dual axis ultra-precision servo drive for 24-135V DC bus and 10Arms, 20Apeak. Current control and position control loops both operate at 100kHz and have extremely accurate current- and position-measurement. The control loop is extensible by user code in C#. Option modules allow for dual-loop control, High-Speed Sin/Cos Encoder, analog I/O, FFT, and Laser-PWM.

  • Supports 2 and 3 phase synchronous or asynchronous motors, AC, DC
  • Overtemperature protection for drive and motor (KTY83/84, PT100, PT1000, PT-1K), i2t, overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • SIL3/PLe Safe Torque Off
  • Sin/Cos 1Vss: 65536-fold interpolation, auto calibration, 500kHz cut-off frequency analog position measurement (true interpolation up to  5MHz with option module), FIR filtering
  • RS422 and TTL Incremental Position Measurement with up to 2MHz Pulse frequency, glitch filtering
  • EnDat 2.1 & 2.2, BiSS B, BiSS C, Tamagawa and Nikon serial position measurement (encoder types with additional sin/cos signals are recommended)
  • Sensorless commutation/control, suitable for fast spindles
  • 6 digital inputs per axis, opt. isolated, 24V , 2x 300μs, 4x 1200μs, 4 TTL level general purpose
  • Digital inputs per axis on encoder D-Sub connector
  • 2 digital outputs per axis, opt. isolated, 24V 1A
  • 2 option modules with D-Sub HD15 Connector
  • 24VDC ±10% logic supply, 900mA max
  • EtherCAT 100Mbps and Tria-Link 200Mbps field bus
    • Tria-Link allows for direct transmission of values from one servo drive to others on the same bus
  • Freely programmable  in 10kHz real-time clock in Microsoft® C#, incl. axis couplings, additional asynchronous task
  • TAM API  for Microsoft®.NET Framework, Beckhoff TwinCAT with CNC, Python




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