SI6/SC6 Drive Controller Family (single axis / double axis)

Operating motors:

  • Lean motors of the LM series
  • Synchronous servo motors of the EZ and EZHD or EZS and EZM
  • Asynchronous motors of the IE3D series

Encoder interfaces:

  • EnDat® 3
  • EnDat® 2.1/2.2 digital
  • Incremental
  • SSI
  • Resolver
  • Pulse/direction signals

Controllable brake: 24 VDCbrake

Integrated EtherCAT® communication

Safety technology: STO via terminals or STO and SS1 via FSoE: SIL 3, PL e (Cat. 4)


  • All functions to use the drive controller efficiently are provided by the DriveControlSuite DS6 project planning and commissioning software; the program uses wizards to guide you step by step through the entire project planning and parameterization process

Special features:

  • One Cable Solution (OCS)
  • Automatic motor parameterization via the electronic motor nameplate
  • Energy supply via a flexible Quick DC-Link connection for multi-axis applications
  • Single-ended nominal power consumption on double-axis controllers for operation of motors with different power
  • Cycle times from 250 µs on up

Marks and test symbols: CE, UL, cUL (CSA-UL)




SI6/SC6 Drive Controller Family (single axis / double axis)


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