RX72M Communication Board

The new RX72M Group achieves the superior performance of a 1396 CoreMark® score at 240MHz, and it is capable both of application processing and EtherCAT communication with on-chip.

As a total solution including development tools such as software development environment and evaluation boards and software drivers for samples, we provide an environment where products can be developed quickly and easily.


  • High performance CPU (RXv3 core)
    - Maximum operation frequency: 240MHz
    - Single/Double-precision FPU
  • Memory
    - Code Flash 4MB (supportive of the dual bank function), SRAM 1MB
  • Peripheral I/F
    - EtherCAT Slave Controller x1
    - Ethernet MAC compliant with IEEE 1588
    - USB2.0 Full speed Host/Function
    - 13x SCI, 3x RSPI, QSPI, 3x I2C, 3x CAN, SDHI, 32bit PWM timer, WDT
    - Arithmetic unit for trigonometric functions
    - Delta-Sigma Modulator Interface
    - 12-bit A/D converter
    - Graphic-LCD controller
    - Encryption functions (optional)
    - GPIO
  • Single power supply:3.3V




RX72M Communication Board



Renesas Electronics Corporation

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