Decentralised remote I/O system CPX-AP-I

Connectivity in real time

The new I/O system to IP65/IP67 allows powerful input/output modules and existing valve terminal interfaces to be integrated into the most important host systems. Based on the innovative AP system communication from Festo and compatible with market standards, CPX-AP-I ensures seamless communication from the workpiece to the cloud – tailored to your needs!

Technological excellence

A bus cycle time of up to 250 μs and a net data rate of 200 Mbit Full Duplex make the CPX-AP-I real-time capable and enable up to 2 kByte I/O process data. This is ideal for fast and synchronous processes. The extremely flexible system is easily scalable with cable lengths up to 50 m. Load and logic voltage supply are galvanically isolated, which means that intermediate supplies, voltage zones or safe switch-off of the load voltage are possible.

Welcome to the world of AP

CPX-AP-I lets you connect up to 80 modules, including a bus interface, to standard bus systems. Even existing valve terminals can be easily integrated in the system. Connection to the IoT gateway, easy integration and parameterisation of IO-Link devices, a web server, and in the future the extended range of functions with the software Festo Automation Suite make your system fit for seamless connectivity!

Fieldbus communication

The bus interface is used to connect the CPX-AP-I to the higher-order controller via Ethernet-based bus protocols as well as EtherCAT or other fieldbusses.

System topology

Starting from the bus interface, one or two lines can be set up using the daisy chain principle. The star and tree topology will also be possible in the future.

AP system communication

The new AP communication technology combines a host PLC with IO-Link devices, digital and analogue inputs and outputs, and data transfer to the cloud in a simple package. What makes it unique is the direct integration of existing Festo valve terminals into the remote I/O system.

  • Simplified engineering without additional software
  • Real-time communication to the valve terminal

Power supply concept

The CPX-AP-I automation system has separate cables for communication and power supply as well as two separate circuits.

  • Power can be supplied separately for each individual module or shared from module to module as a central supply
  • Creation of voltage zones possible
  • Stable data transfer


Decentralised remote I/O system CPX-AP-I



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