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EtherCAT Roadshow in Nanchang, China

10/2021 | With the heating up of Chinese manufacturing enterprisesā€™ demand for intelligent manufacturing communication standard technology, to better and more comprehensively provide the domestic automation industry with detailed information sharing of industrial real-time communication technology, an EtherCAT roadshow event will be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi on October 21st.

At the meeting, EtherCAT technical experts will bring you panoramic information about PC control and EtherCAT technology by analyzing the challenges faced by the electrical systems of intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment. At the same time, Beckhoff, the founder of EtherCAT technology, will also share with you its leading product implementation and domestic and foreign applications, as well as cutting-edge cases in the field of 5G communications, to help you improve your competitiveness in all aspects and respond to the new international situation.

Be prepared for the next challenge.

The event is hosted by EtherCAT Technology Group, co-organized by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Jiangxi Research Institute as well as by Jiangxi Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Federation, and sponsored by Beckhoff Automation. Download the invitation here